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About agency

     Since 2001 the agency "Action Group" is engaged exclusively in what is called Recruiting. It means that all days through we are looking for (and we find!) the best specialists for filling the complicated, very complicated and even archicomplicated clients’ vacancies. This work is so interesting that we plunged into it and became professionals. We consider carefully clients’ wants and needs so that they could have all they need as a result.
For instance, if at the moment you need figures more than letters, please consider the following information:

  • Number of "Action Group" employees - 15 persons.
  • The turnover of the agency increases annually by 50%.
  • Among the regular customers of "Action Group" are more than 100 Ukrainian companies as well as international ones.
  • Among the filled vacancies more than 50% are managers and top-management.
  • Percentage of replacement (frequency of free replacement of selected candidates) is less than 10.

    We love, appreciate and cherish our clients! And we hope for your love too.

You can make sure that this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at the following address: Staronavodnitskaya str. 4-b, of. 77, Kiev, 01015, Ukraine


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