Since we started recruiting!

To Employers

 We have greater success in the following branches:

  • Management;
  • Sales, logistics; 
  • Marketing, advertising; 
  • Jurisprudence; 
  • Accounting, finances; 
  • Engineering and technical specialists. 

How we do this

1. Order forming 

  • Drawing up a position profile;
  • Policy design, drawing up the search map.
  • Discussion of terms and conditions of the order execution. 

2. Search and selection of candidates

  • Search of candidates by means of all the possible sources of information (data base, Internet, direct search and so on);
  • Individual interview with the candidates;
  • Evaluation and selection of candidates.

3. Presentation of the candidates to the Customer

  • Providing the information about the competitors market and candidates in the form of «Report on the accomplished work»;
  • Organization of interview with the selected candidates, participation of Action Group Consultant during the first interview;
  • Decision about the finalists.

4. Verification of recommendations of finalists (for the finalists)

  • Addressing to persons being actually informed about candidates;
  • Delivering a report on verification of recommendations;

5. Hire of candidates

  • Discussion of terms and conditions of the appearance of the selected candidate at work;
  • Informing the selected candidate on the date of appearance at work.

6. Quality control

  • Opinion of the Customer about conducted work.

How much it costs

Cost of services of Action Group makes from 20 up to 35 per cent of annual salary of a required candidate. It depends on the vacancy level. The prepayment amounts to 30 % of the future remuneration, the remaining amount is due upon the appearance of the candidate at work. More detailed information will be available upon providing details on the scope of work.


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